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SMS advertising

SMS advertising is the most effective and relatively cheapest means of advertising. An extremely simple SMS sending process will allow you to achieve the highest results. Thousands of customers will see your SMS advertisement in just a few minutes

  • High quality of service!
  • Attractive SMS price!
  • Fast advertising result!
  • Convenient self-service system!
  • Ability to send and receive SMS!
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SMS sending integration

With the help of our SMS API documentation, you will be able to integrate SMS sending services into any information system. In the SMS API documentation, we provide examples of integration in various programming languages.

The SMS API is used to allow web applications to easily send and receive information through the logic of standard web schemas.

  • Secure and reliable connection!
  • Easy integration!
  • Code examples!
  • Modules e. for commerce!
  • Detailed SMS API documentation
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